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Multi-State ROPS

Brad Fortier of Co-operative Insurance Companies of Middlebury at the VT ROPS Launch. Co-operative gave $45,000 to the Vermont ROPS program.

The original aims of the ROPS multi-state expansion were: 1) to implement and evaluate similar campaigns in VT and PA., 2) to assess the cost/benefits of the campaigns and 3) to systematically assess the intervention implementation process to define the elements of a successful campaign. Early in this process the New Hampshire Commissioner of Agriculture requested inclusion of New Hampshire in this effort and NH has since been an active partner.

The multi-state ROPS project began in the autumn of 2009. The initial step for launching the grant activities involved a grant collaborators meeting in Baltimore, MD. Collaborators from the two intervention states and five states with the highest risk of tractor overturns attended (e.g., VT, PA, TN, KY, IL, OH and WV). Following the initial meeting, collaborators in the intervention states (VT and PA) assembled advisory teams to organize and provide oversight of grant research activities. A survey was conducted in both states to identify the best segment of the population to target for a ROPS intervention. Small crop farmers in PA and small crop and hay farmers in VT were chosen. In both cases the target groups selected had the highest proportion of unprotected tractors.

Subsequently farmers in the targeted groups were surveyed to identify the most prominent motivators and barriers to their retrofitting a tractor with ROPS. Based on this information, the VT and PA teams worked to adjust the current NY strategy to fit the needs of VT and PA farmers. Similar efforts were made in NH to assist NH collaborators with the development of the NH ROPS program. Each state team is actively seeking financial support for rebates within their respective states. 

Since completion of the Multi-State project, WI, MA and MN have developed programs. In March 2017 The National ROPS Rebate Program (NRRP) was developed to allow all of our nations farmer's to participate in this life saving program. To learn more visit