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NYS ROPS Program

Tractor without a rollbar Tractor retrofitted with a rollbar


According to the National Safety Council, the agricultural, forestry and fishing sector has the highest rate of work-related deaths when compared to all other U.S. industries. Tractor overturns are the most frequent cause of fatality in the agricultural community and with their elimination, estimates indicate that the rate of occupational death could be reduced by 25%. Origional research from the Northeast Center has been used to develop an intervention model which has significantly increased retrofitting activity in New York.

This intervention model works to make retrofitting both easy and cost-effective. Specifically, the ROPS (rollover protective structure) Rebate Program provides toll free hotline assistance to farmers in locating and pricing certified rollbars and provides a rebate of 70% of the entire cost of the retrofit with a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $500. While professional installation is recommended, program participants have the option of self installing.

IMPACT: Efforts to expand this intervention model into various other states have been completed. The New York program, launched in 2006, with programs throughout the United States shortly following. This porgram is now available nationally at