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Migrant Clinicians Manual

Example of old pages of the manual The Farmworker Clinicians Manual Website

Multi-Center Expansion of the NEC Migrant Clinician's Occupational Health Reference Manual 2011

In Collaboration with:

  • Migrant Clinicians Network
  • Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center
  • Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education

Occupational medical care typically involves an assessment of the patient's job tasks and work environment. A worksite visit and a detailed work history can be particularly challenging with migrant and seasonal farmworker patients, since access to the farm may be difficult, and workers are often fearful of the consequences of being completely forthcoming about their work environment. While a high proportion of adult medical visits pertain to occupational health problems, a minority of physicians and other clinicians have had occupational medical training. Therefore, there is a need both for a training resource, and an easy-to-use reference guide on the work environment in agriculture.

NYCAMH and the Northeast Center have been collecting occupational injury data on migrant and seasonal farmworkers for over fifteen years. In 2005, this data was translated into a clinician's occupational health reference manual for migrant health. This resource has been very well received, and starting in 2011 it was revised and expanded into a website This resources contains an expanded geographic area, more commodity and demographic groups, and provides a more technologically advanced website, featuring streaming video clips of the agricultural worksites, and a capacity for two-way communication between clinician users and agricultural health and safety experts.

In addition to expanding the geographic scope and the number of agricultural health and safety experts participating in this resource, we have developed the technology of the website into something that has a higher level of functionality. One of the most appealing tools for clinicians has been the agricultural worksite descriptions, with photos showing workers at their jobs.This assists the clinician in understanding the work environment so that work hazards can be identified and work activities revised to speed recovery. In this next phase of the manual, we have replaced the still photos, with video clips, to give a more complete picture of the work activity.