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Northeast Agricultural Safety and Health Coalition (NEASHC)

NEASHC Groups First Meeting - May 2015


The Northeast Ag Safety and Health Coalition (NEASHC) is part of the Northeast Center's Outreach Program. Penn State University organized the first meeting of the coalition in 2015 and continues to partner with the NEC to increase collaborations between states, increase resources, and provide agricultural safety and health training. Currently, participating states in the NEASHC include Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

The primary goal for the group is professional educational opportunities for agricultural safety and health educators in the northeast who coordinate agricultural safety and health programs. Additional activities for the Coalition include: access to resources and programs, increase collaboration between states, develop a directory to catalog resources in the northeast including contacts and demonstrations, increased communication between coalition members, and expansion of the coalition. 

Ag Safety and Health Resources

SAY National Clearinghouse (curricula and other resources) 

Farm & Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health (Ag Safety and Health Community of Practice) 

Ag Safety & Health Photo Sharing Site (Central States Center for Ag Safety & Health 

US Ag Safety and Health Centers (videos

Ag Safety & Health Video Resources 

Northeast Ag Safety and Health Directory